Dr. Michael Wasserman

Geriatrician. Director, Nursing Homes, for Health Services Advisory Group

Doctor Michael Wasserman is a Geriatrician in Woodland Hills, California, and has devoted himself to serving the needs of seniors for the past thirty years. He has actively supported Wish of a Lifetime since its inception, helping to bring the Young @ Heart chorus to Denver in 2009 and accompanying a veteran to Okinawa in 2012 to pay his respects to his fallen brother.

Dr. Wasserman was a co-founder of MESA (Medicare Experts and Senior Access) a multiyear grant from the Colorado Health Foundation to train primary care physicians in how to effectively care and bill for Medicare patients. He was the lead delegate from the State of Colorado to the 2005 White House Conference on Aging. He also co-chaired the Colorado Alzheimer’s Coordinating Council. He was on the Board of The Denver Hospice for fifteen years and serves as a board member for the American Geriatric Society’s Foundation for Health in Aging. He also serves on the editorial board of The Merck Manual. He has spoken extensively and been published on a variety of topics involving geriatrics, healthy aging, Alzheimer’s Disease, the business of health care, practice management and managed care.

In 2001 he co-founded Senior Care of Colorado, which became the largest privately owned primary care geriatric practice in the country, before selling it to IPC in 2010. He previously was President and Chief Medical Officer for GeriMed of America, a Geriatric Medical Management Company located in Denver, Colorado. While at GeriMed, he helped to develop GeriMed’s Clinical Glidepaths in conjunction with Drs. Flaherty and Morley of St. Louis University’s School of Medicine Geriatric Division. He was formerly a Public Commissioner for the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission.

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