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Cindy Abrahamson

Senior Board of Ambassadors

For 25 of my 40 year career as an RN, I worked in the older adult housing industry. I used to tell the residents who lived in our Brookdale Senior Living communities that I was getting the community ready for me to move in when I retired. Over the years, I have known so many wonderful older adults and have enjoyed hearing so many interesting stories. These residents actually have taught me how to retire successfully.

When I retired in 2011, I knew right away that I wanted to continue to work with older adults. I learned about WOL while working at Brookdale and actually participated in several wishes that were granted to our residents.

I was fortunate to have very close relationships with my grandparents and parents. I still travel with my dad and most recently, he was able to attend the Evening Affair Gala for WOL while he was in Denver from Florida.

I love to travel and really enjoyed traveling to Washington DC with several WWII Veterans who had their wishes granted by WOL to see the WWII and other monuments. As a veteran myself, (Army Nurse), that trip was very special.