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Leslie Villegas 

Wish Fulfillment Specialist​

In Leslie’s perfect world there’s ice cream and chocolate for everyone! Stories are the most valuable currency; we take the time to listen and share. As one advances in age their wealth of wisdom becomes increasingly revered and celebrated. Older adults are the rock stars! Fear is an extinct beast that has been replaced by a contagious strain of optimism. In Leslie’s perfect world we’re unstoppable.

Leslie has a specialized background working with younger populations. She started her professional journey as a preschool teacher and later transitioned into becoming a board-certified behavioral therapist to children on the spectrum. During the COVID pandemic, Leslie continued volunteered her translating capabilities to the Latino community, while also working on creating reports for testing at long-term care facilities. It was during this time she saw the prevalence of isolation among our older generations. This inspired a shift to focus on advocating for a different marginalized & underrepresented population. Leslie hopes that her unwavering compassion, combined with her expertise in Human Services, and multicultural background proves to be an asset to Wish of a Lifetime’s mission.

When she isn’t in the office, you can find Leslie at home, pretending to unleash her inner Gustav Klimt or binging an anime marathon. She’s also known for dragging her pups (Ricky Yin & Bobby Yang) to the top of mountains on sunrise hikes or on her never-ending quest for yummy places to eat.