The search for an internship was extremely stressful for me, as I wanted to gain real-world experience while working with an organization whose mission and values aligned with my own personal values. During the course of my search, I discovered several different organizations, both for-profit and non-profit, and each organization was enticing and unique in its own way. However, these organizations weren’t what I was yearning for. Luckily, I stumbled across Wish of a Lifetime, and I am truly glad that I did!

As I was lying in bed one late summer night, I decided to conduct some basic research about Wish of a Lifetime. After casually exploring the organization’s website and Facebook page, I was completely amazed by the work that was being done, and I am still in awe until this day. WOL was just celebrating their 900th wish, and I wanted to know which hardworking individuals were spending countless hours to make the Wishes of deserving seniors a reality. I was left speechless when I discovered that the organization was made up of less than half of the staff members I predicted! For being such a small but continually expanding organization, WOL truly makes an immense impact on our society, and that is one of the many reasons why I wanted to be involved with such an awesome organization.

Born into a relatively traditional Thai family, I have been taught vastly different ways of expressing respect and love towards elders. I was reminded to always honor my elders, and showing respect towards elders is seen as both a duty and a basis for good manners. Although born and raised in the westernized culture of America, the idea of interacting with elders formally has been embedded in my beliefs, and I believe it is extremely important and necessary to value seniors no matter the circumstances. None of us would be where we are today without their work ethic and hardships.

Being raised around different generations may create barriers between young and aging individuals; however, the experiences of the aging population can be seen as such an amazing curriculum for life.

Due to all the sacrifices our elders have made for us, fulfilling their lifelong dreams would be something they surely deserve, and I love that Wish of a Lifetime works towards doing that.

As my internship slowly comes to an end, I reflect upon my time with Wish of a Lifetime, and I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment. There was always something new to learn each and every day, and I have gained so much. Although I wasn’t working on the Wishes directly, just reading Wish stories and learning about the seniors made the past three months super fulfilling. This opportunity gave me the chance to work with such kind and hardworking individuals, individuals who are dedicated to fulfilling the dreams of the most deserving seniors. I am glad I got to witness the 1,000th Wish, a perfect symbol of the impact Wish of a Lifetime has made on the society! A huge round of applause for this great achievement and the several more Wishes to come!

If you are looking for an internship or making an impact on the lives of seniors, I would definitely recommend getting in contact with Wish of a Lifetime. The experience will be fulfilling on both an educational and personal level, and the bright smiles of the seniors will make an indescribable impact on you!