When I first got the position as PR and Marketing Intern at Wish of a Lifetime, family and friends asked: “What is Wish of a Lifetime?” At the time, I barely knew myself. However I answered: “It’s sort of like Make a Wish Foundation, but for seniors.” Spending the past two months at Wish of a Lifetime has shown me that this organization is much more than a “senior Make a Wish Foundation.”

It is a family who I will always be grateful for, a mission I will always strive to achieve, and an organization that goes above and beyond to make dreams come true.

Coming into my first day on the job, I knew I had joined a great team. I walked into the old fire-station office and was greeted by Sally, the Director of Community Outreach, and her trustworthy pal, Archie. Jeremy and Steven then gave a heartfelt presentation about the organization, and discussed some wishes they had granted that had impacted their lives. I nearly cried listening to Ernie’s Wish to go to Normandy. However it was the first day of work, so I had to keep it together! I was then introduced to the rest of the team: the friendly Brittany, who I had the pleasure of working on Rufus’s Wish with, Kelli and Liz, who made the office more of a home, Tom, who keeps the office up and running, and Jillania, an amazing role model and dedicated CEO. The new interns and I walked across the hall to Integrate, and were once again welcomed like family. It was clear that everyone in the office supported each other and were dedicated to fulfilling the mission of Wish of a Lifetime: To foster respect and appreciation for seniors by granting life-enriching wishes.

Even though I wasn’t able to grant wishes, writing about and promoting the wishes was a blast. I was able to learn about several seniors’ wishes, the wisdom they have gained from life, and the passions shared throughout the nation, all while gaining valuable knowledge about PR and marketing. The seniors we worked with during my time as an intern have taught me valuable life lessons that I will never forget. For example, retired fire captain Rufus has taught me to always appreciate the small things in life: to be grateful for something as simple as a letter. Throughout my internship, it has also been a great feeling to know I helped make a difference in someone’s life, even if it was indirectly.

As I venture out into adult life, Wish of a Lifetime has shown me what I value and desire in any future career I may pursue.

The incredible seniors that Wish of a Lifetime are able to connect with made me feel like I had a purpose going to work every day. Hearing their stories and impacting their lives in a positive way has been incredible. Not only did the seniors make a difference, but the staff at Wish of a Lifetime as well. Since my first day, I have been motivated by Wish of a Lifetime’s mission and vision, and the dedicated staff. Each day they come into work with a positive attitude, and work their hardest to make wishes come true. I can honestly say I look up to each and every one of them, and hope that once day, I can be as selfless and caring as they are.

Wish of a Lifetime, the staff, and the seniors impacted by this amazing organization will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and granting life enriching wishes for seniors every day. I hope that when I am 100 years old, this organization is still thriving and able to grant wishes for the seniors around me. I look forward to hearing about the many more remarkable dreams Wish of a Lifetime will make a reality!