"I so honor and appreciate the military, not only for being in it, but for what they stand for."



In 1948, the Air Force began allowing women to join. Sylvia Brady, 88, of Littleton, CO saw this as an opportunity to join and serve her country nobly. Having served in 1954 and 1955, Sylvia was among some of the earliest groups of women who entered the Air Force. Among many other life lessons and experiences, the service brought Sylvia’s husband into her life whom she began her beloved family with.

Given her service-oriented spirit, it is no surprise that Sylvia spends much of her time now invested in her community. Sylvia is an avid volunteer; she even hosts monthly genealogy and writing groups. Having gone through some very challenging seasons, Sylvia is passionate about writing and is an advocate for the way it can help one heal and move forward.

Sylvia is looking forward to visiting Washington DC and seeing the memorials that were architected to honor not only her service, but her husband’s as well. With this trip falling in the same month as their wedding anniversary, this will be a memorable way to commemorate her husband since his passing. Sylvia will be on this trip with her dear friend, Ken Hommas, another veteran honoree.

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