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Wish of a Lifetime from AARP

Roy’s Family Legacy

Meet Roy, an intrepid grandfather

Decorated Vietnam Veteran Roy knows he has wounds that may never heal.

The 77-year-old Marine and Army National Guard Reservist faces lifelong health effects from his exposure to chemicals and contaminated water during his service.

While some wounds are visible, others hide deep within. He carries significant trauma from the things he’s seen, like the haunting memory of a friend dying in his arms.

But Roy has not let that define his life; instead, he embraces his faith and pushes through his challenges with a focus on serving others.

He is known as a man who would give away the shirt right off his own back. He takes every chance to help those in need, like his years volunteering for the local county rescue squad. He is adored by his friends, wife, daughter, and granddaughters.

But when Roy’s eyesight started fading, everything changed. He felt a sense of urgency to make the most of every moment, especially with his family.

While his vision remains intact, Roy wants to have adventures and make memories with his three granddaughters.

He’s been dreaming of visiting Cherokee, NC, a place where his family could explore their Cherokee heritage in the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

But Roy’s health challenges and financial limitations have made this adventure seem impossible.

Thanks to supporters like you, Roy’s dream will become a reality this summer!

By donating in honor of this wish, you can celebrate individuals like Roy who prioritize faith, family, and service no matter life’s challenges.

Join us as we celebrate an unbreakable man who has dedicated his life to others despite the deep wounds he’s carried.

One can only imagine the memories Roy and his three granddaughters will make in the shadow of the Great Smoky Mountains.

Memories to be added to a brutal and beautiful life that Roy can treasure with joy for years to come.

Donate in Roy’s Honor

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