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When you give to one of the wishes below, YOU become the Wish Granter! 100% of your donation goes towards the wish of your choice, covering direct costs like meals, plane tickets or hot air balloon rides.


We believe that wisdom, accomplishment and sacrifice, when coupled with wish granting – will help to create a society in which we all want to age. Now is the time for you to become the wish granter!


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Making it all possible

The Legacy Collective—an exclusive group of individuals—makes this all possible by funding the overhead required to grant and promote wishes. This support is leveraged to allow other contributors (Wish Champions) to directly fund wishes. It is an investment in a team of expert wish granters and storytellers (Wish of a Lifetime staff) on a mission to shift perceptions on aging. An investment whose return is measured in the number of lives changed by wish granting.

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Wishes Granted

30 April 2018

Tim, 68

Tim sees the ocean for the very first time. Before this moment was captured, Tim had not left his hometown of Dayton, OH even once throughout his 66 years of life. Read more!

21 July 2018

Sue, 66

“You know, people when they get older, they get achy and all that,” Sue said, “but the world doesn’t come to an end. Be a part of things. Dreams do come true. Trust me. Mine did.” Read more!

20 Feb 2019

Natasha, 69

Natasha had not seen her mother, Roslyn, in over 30 years. Though they have had bumps in the road, they urgently wished to mend fences and rebuild their relationship. Read more!

16 Jan 2019

Mary, 77

Mary wished more than anything to see her son, Malik, and to meet her grandson, Sahu! The memories from their first embrace and time together will surely last a lifetime. Read more!