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Rapid Response Program

Like many of you, we are closely following the news of COVID-19 and how it affects our oldest generations. We are mobilizing a Rapid Response Program in order to provide the immediate needs to older adults across the country—join us.

Donate Today!

For twelve years, our mission to grant wishes to the most isolated older adults has never wavered. Today our commitment to them is even stronger. Knowing there are more older adults suffering the effects of isolation than ever before, now is the time to be an even louder advocate for our aging population.


We’ve been in touch with our many partners around the country who specialize and work with older adults—and have reached out to our current and past wish recipients. In light of the overwhelming need, we are putting our wish granting on hiatus and mobilizing our Rapid Response Program. 

Here’s How You Can Help

For more information please email info@wishofalifetime.org

Immediate Goods

We are safely delivering thousands of dollars worth of goods for things like groceries, paper products, arts and crafts, books, puzzles, movies, etc.


Volunteer Opportunities

We have connected over 100 volunteers with isolated older adults around the country. Activities include postcards, phone calls and pen pals.


Mask Initiative 

When you give $5, two masks will be provided to our society’s most vulnerable individuals. A small donation could equal a life preserving gift.

Give a mask!