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Rapid Response Program: Volunteer Opportunities


#1: Pen Pal Program—We are matching up volunteers with interested older adults for a pen pal program. Whether you would like to send a one time post card or start a long lasting pen pal program with a older adult, we can help set you up!

#2: Supportive Calling Tree— We are matching up volunteers with interested older adults for a calling program, where we assign volunteers 1-10 older adults to call (typically) once a week for a check in.

#3: Video Project—Record a 15-30 second video that we will be sharing with older adult living facilities. This could be a recording of a song, motivational poetry, a funny dance, etc.

#4: Thanking the Front Line—During this very difficult time, we need to make sure we are supporting our brave front line staff workers. We ask volunteers to write thank you notes that will be delivered to staff at communities all around the country!

#5: Be a Volunteer Liaison—We have dozens of older adult living communities that we work with who are in need of support. These communities have a variety of needs but our team can help match you with a community whose needs match your interest.

We ask that for anyone interested in volunteering with this program, that you please download and fill out the companionship waiver (here) and send it back to us. Once receiving your waiver, we will connect you with a older adult or a older adult living community that has expressed interest in working with volunteers.

Thank you again for your interest in volunteering with Wish of a Lifetime!