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Irene Has a Date with Firefighters

Summertime weather can change in a flash. And if you’ve ever experienced tornado conditions, you’ll know that things can turn from blue skies to danger in a split second.

In the summer of 2017, Irene’s neighborhood in Alpharetta, Georgia, was under a tornado warning. It was a scary moment for Irene, age 95, who is bed bound. To keep her safe, Irene’s neighbor was able to quickly bring her to his home to ride out the storm. However, he was not able to carry her back that evening after the danger had passed.

To Irene’s surprise and delight, two firemen came and carried her back home. It was an exciting ending to a thrilling day—something straight out of a movie! And ever since, Irene has not been able to stop talking about the two handsome, strong firemen who came to her rescue.

If you know Irene, it wouldn’t surprise you to hear how quickly her community came to her aid. That’s because she’s spent her whole life taking care of others. Irene is the beloved mother of four children. But that’s just the top of the list of people who adore her. She also has 15 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren, and 10 great, great-grandchildren!

Irene devoted her time to volunteering at local schools and her church when not caring for her family. She’s known for the beautiful hats she would create and gift to members of her congregation.

In recent years, medical ailments have limited Irene’s mobility, and she’s no longer able to do the activities she once loved. Having visitors at her home is always the highlight of her day and keeps Irene feeling social.

Irene has never forgotten that adventurous summer night and the two firefighters who came to her rescue. More than anything, she wanted to thank them for their bravery!

Together with the help of local businesses and Alpharetta Fire Station 81, Wish of a Lifetime was thrilled to help Irene reunite with her heroes in uniform in July of 2017.

The community was excited to come together to help make Irene’s date even more special. Irene received a new dress for the occasion, and local business Maraz Makeup and Hair made sure she looked her best before her dates arrived. The Best Little Flower Shop and CreativeSoul Photography also contributed their specialties.

To Irene’s delight, the firemen showed up with two gorgeous bouquets in hand! Together, the three ate lunch and had a great time reminiscing about that exciting day. And Irene was finally able to properly thank the men for coming to her rescue.

All in all, it was a perfect date—and Irene simply could not stop smiling.

“She’s going to talk about this forever,” her daughter said. “Everyone seemed like family.”

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