Frequently Asked Questions

This year, it is even easier than ever to join Cupid Crew and be a part of sending some love to tens of thousands of older adults in your hometown and across the country this Valentine’s Day! Read on for fun facts, inspiring ideas, and helpful hints to make the most of your Cupid Crew experience.

How can I safely get involved with Cupid Crew?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Cupid Crew 2022 is a bit different this year! Instead of delivering roses to older adult communities, we are asking all interested volunteers to download, print and decorate cards for older adults on Valentine’s Day. Based on the number of cards you complete, you can drop them off at a older adult community near you, a neighbor’s house, or mail them to an older adult in your life. Please make sure to follow COVID-19 guidelines, including wearing a mask, never entering a home during a delivery, wearing gloves during the delivery and staying 6 feet apart from anybody you encounter. If you are dropping cards off at a residence or older adult living community, simply leave a box of cards outside, return to a safe distance and call your main point of contact to let them know the cards have been dropped off.

How can I get friends and family involved?

Share the link to our Cupid Crew page with friends and family and invite them to download, decorate and deliver cards. We’d love to have them join Cupid Crew! Spread the word even further by posting pictures or videos of your card creation on social media. Don’t forget to tag #CupidCrew.

What should I include in my card?

Consider adding an inspirational quote, a poem, or a friendly message wishing a older adult a Happy Valentine’s Day, letting them know they are not alone and that their community is thinking of them. As long as the card is appropriate and stays away from political references or inappropriate jokes, sayings or drawings, you can’t go wrong! Be creative and have fun.

How many cards can I decorate?

We invite you to print and decorate as many cards as you can! The more the merrier. We hope that our volunteers will each complete and send at least five cards!

Where do I deliver cards to?

Once you have completed printing and designing your cards, you can make sure the cards are in the right hands. It is up to you to decide where you would like to deliver these cards. Once you decide where you would like to deliver your cards, whether it be a local older adult community or a friend’s house, simply call in advance and let them know when you are dropping the cards off.

If you do not have any older adult contacts and want to get involved, click on this link to find a older adult community in your region. If you need further support, contact us at Once you select your older adult community, ask the front desk if you can deliver. You can deliver to as many older adults or communities as you choose.

What does it cost to participate?

Nothing! As long as you have a printer, you are free to decorate and drop off as many cards as you want. If you want to mail cards, you will be responsible for postage.

I really enjoyed decorating cards, what other volunteer opportunities does Wish of a Lifetime have?

Thanks for your interest in volunteering with Wish of a Lifetime. To learn more please email