Where it all began

Wish of a Lifetime’s #CupidCrew first began in 2014 with 1,400 roses delivered by 18 volunteers to deserving seniors around the Denver metro area. Six years later, the Wish of a Lifetime team will be joined by THOUSANDS of volunteers across the country with a goal of delivering nearly 50,000 roses to seniors. When we see these numbers, we know with absolute certainty that #CupidCrew is a national MOVEMENT. A positive chain reaction. A catalyst for the change we hope to inspire around the country. And it’s because of supporters like you we can make an impact in so many lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no organized #CupidCrew in my city, can I still get involved?

Yes, #CupidCrew is so proud of its independent crew movement. Please check out the how to guide to learn more and feel free to join our Independent Crew page here (bit.ly/independentcrew)

I think I might want to organize a regional crew in my city and want to learn more about the resources that it will take. Who do I talk to about learning more?
We are so excited to expand this campaign and bring light and happiness to as many corners of the country as we can. We would be happy to help you to fundraise in order to start up a movement in your city. Please contact us as cupidcrew@wishofalifetime.org to learn more.
What should I do if I am somebody or know somebody who would like to cover this amazing movement (blogger, reporter etc)?
This is such a huge part of #CupidCrew’s growth so we welcome your help in outreach. Our marketing team would be thrilled to provide assets to any interested reporter. Please send further details to cupidcrew@wishofalifetime.org
After the event, where can I post my photos?
As fun as our rose delivery is, watching people post about their experiences from all over the world is one of our favorite parts! You are invited to post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, whatever suites you! Whatever you do, make sure to tag #CupidCrew!
Can you please clarify the individual fundraising piece of this campaign?
Once the total cost of roses is raised, any additional funds will be directed to other costs directly associated with the #CupidCrew Movement and its goal to deliver 30,000 Roses to deserving seniors.

We couldn’t do it without our partners!


For more information about #CupidCrew, please contact Jared Bloomfield