Good Neighbor Day

This year, being a good neighbor represents a point in time when human connection is more important than ever

Being a good neighbor is much more than a single act of kindness!

That’s why we’ve teamed up with AARP Foundation for Good Neighbor Day by highlighting wishes that truly exemplify a community rallying together to do good. We have hundreds of wish requests featuring good neighbors waiting to be fulfilled, help us make them happen by donating today.

Benny revisits special memories on the Georgia coast

Born with intellectual disabilities, 65-year-old wish recipient Benny has conquered each of life’s obstacles with perseverance and resilience. After their parents passed away, his younger sister Vevelyn dropped everything to become Benny’s full-time caregiver. Together, they traveled to Georgia’s coast to spend time doing what Benny loves most.

Benny Revisits Special Memories

Ray records a country song for cancer awareness

At age 85, Ray is many things—a veteran, an artist, and an advocate for the Chicano community. Together, Wish of a Lifetime and a Nashville recording studio helped Ray fulfill his lifelong dream of recording a country music song that will advocate for cancer research. 40 years in the making, Ray hopes his song will connect families and resonate with those who have lost loved ones to cancer.

“We all like certain things, but what’s really rewarding is when you’re helping somebody else fulfill their dream.”

— Vevelyn, Benny’s sister

Good neighbors are all around us!

Our wish pipeline is filling up with hundreds of stories featuring good neighbors and over the years we’ve featured wishes that demonstrate exactly what it means to be a good neighbor. Take a peek at a few of our favorites.

Jim speaks into a microphone

Jim thanks Craig Hospital & meets a blues legend

After a life-changing accident, Jim credits his recovery to two things: Craig Hospital & a rekindled love for music. We helped Jim, age 68, return to Denver, CO to thank his beloved care team and meet his blues music idol.

two firemen kiss Irene on cheeks

Irene has a date with two firefighters

Local firefighters carried Irene, age 95, back home to safety after a big storm in Alpharetta, GA. Wish of a Lifetime teamed up with local businesses to plan a special date so she could properly thank her heroes.

Helen poses in motorcycle helmet outfit

Helen hits the road on a Harley Davidson

At age 95, thrill-seeker Helen inspires everyone around her with her zest for life. We helped her finally take the motorcycle ride of her dreams through Leesburg, FL, cheered on by her friends and neighbors.

There’s so much we can do together

Join us in being good neighbors to our older adults. The voluntary support you provide with your tax-deductible gift will help us further our work to grant more wishes and change lives.

Making it all possible

A true wish of a lifetime achieved makes other goals seem possible and encourages our wish recipients to keep dreaming and pursuing their passions. As one of AARP’s charitable affiliates, Wish of a Lifetime helps people fulfill their dreams while also combatting the negative side effects of isolation. Granting a wish is a simple gesture but the results can be profound. Join us.

“He’s 85 years old and he’s worked hard all his life. This is his story, his dream come true.”

— Veronica, Ray’s Daughter