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WW2 Veteran Ignacio waves at the camera in front of historic B-24 airplane

“I enjoyed it! My favorite part was looking down where we were at the waist gun…I was not afraid.”
– Ignacio, age 95

When was your first flight? Ignacio’s was at age 95

Drafted into the army at age 18, Ignacio’s service took him from the heat of New Mexico to the foggy beaches of Normandy in WW2. He was among the men who braved a harsh winter and fought in the Battle of the Bulge.

But throughout his entire journey in the U.S. Army, Ignacio never once stepped foot on an airplane. With the help of Wish of a Lifetime, Ignacio, age 95, soared over his home state of Colorado in a historic B-24 plane for the first time.

After his wish, Ignacio expressed that he felt his service to his country was honored through this experience.

There’s no bond like family—even after 50 years apart

Patricia, age 67, grew up in the foster system with her half-brother Steve. Unfortunately, they were separated when she was just 10 years old. They only saw each other one more time during their teenage years.

Years later, as adults, a DNA test helped the siblings reconnect, and over time they rebuilt their relationship through phone calls.

Wish of a Lifetime helped Patricia and Steve see each other in person for the first time in 50 years! Patricia flew from her home in Charlotte, NC to Norman, OK for an emotional and fulfilling visit with her long-lost brother.

Wish recipent Patricia embraces brother Steve

Wish granted: 2019

“Just seeing my brother and hugging him is emotional to think about. It makes me happy and gives me hope.”

– Patricia, age 67

Wish recipient Earl holds a picture of his childhome home while sitting on steps

“All of my dad’s memories were in full flow—he was home.”

– Kristen, Earl’s daughter & caregiver

A visit home can spark even the most distant memories

Earl, age 87, found his way to the Rocky Mountain state nearly 15 years ago—though his memory would tell him otherwise. When Earl’s dementia advanced during the pandemic, his daughter Kristen became his full-time caregiver. Earl’s wish was to bring Kristen to a very special place: his hometown of Clintonville, WI.

The trip sparked memories all the way to childhood, from climbing the town water tower to visiting the Four-Wheel Drive Museum. They ate cheese curds, explored Earl’s old stomping grounds, and even sat on the steps of his childhood home.

With each passing moment, more of Earl’s memories returned—it was like he had never left.

We’re one step closer with each wish granted

A true wish of a lifetime achieved makes other goals seem possible and encourages our wish recipients to keep dreaming and pursuing their passions. As one of AARP’s charitable affiliates, Wish of a Lifetime helps people fulfill their dreams while also combating the negative side effects of isolation. Granting a wish is a simple gesture but the results can be profound. Join us.

All wish activities are conducted in accordance with CDC, state and local health regulations and may be subject to increased COVID-19 prevention precautions as outlined in WOL’s COVID-19 Policy.