Stories like these motivate us each and every day

Thanks for sharing the wish that inspires you the most! Clearly, there are no wrong answers to this question. These wishes are already in the works and we couldn’t be more excited to help them come to life:

A Holocaust survivor
who wishes to reunite with family she hasn’t seen since before the pandemic
(when they met for her 90th birthday.)

A Navy veteran
who keeps busy by learning about astronomy and dreams of meeting astronauts or even seeing a shuttle launch.

A full-time caregiver
who just wants to spend time with horses to relive memories of years spent at her grandparent’s farm.

We’re one step closer with each wish granted

A true wish of a lifetime achieved makes other goals seem possible and encourages our wish recipients to keep dreaming and pursuing their passions. With nearly 100 wishes in the pipeline currently, your support helps us move those experiences from hopeful to fulfilled. Granting a wish is a simple gesture but the results can be profound. Join us.

A recently granted wish

Judi leads the race in a pace car at Circuit of The Americas

Judi, age 81, has been hooked on racing for as long as she can remember. It’s a passion she shared with her brothers growing up and kept throughout her entire adult life. Judi had always dreamed of what it would be like to ride in a pace car—the fancy car that takes a lap around the track before the start of a race.

Watching a race on the screen is one thing, but being on the track in person is another!

That’s why Wish of a Lifetime was thrilled to grant Judi’s wish at the famous Circuit of the Americas race track.

Wish recipient Judi stands in front of race cars
Wish recipient Judi gives thumbs up from inside pace car
Wish recipient Judi with big smile

“I thought I would ride in the car separate from the race, but we got to lead all the race cars on the track. I saw them behind us zigging and zagging across the track—holy moly! I am still on Cloud 9.”
– Judi, age 81

Judi sits inside colorful Honda pace car

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