Tena Fulfills Wishes of a Lifetime

Tena worked with Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale to fulfill four wishes for deserving seniors.  Meet these inspiring individuals…

Jenny Meets an Elephant

In 1960, Jenny visited a zoo in Munich, Germany with her first child. The two saw an elephant playing the harmonica. About 10 years later, Jenny returned to the zoo in Munich with her second born child. Jenny once again saw the same elephant playing the harmonica. Jenny said “it was like he remembered us,” and the elephant played the same song. Later on, Jenny read an article about how three elephants were separated for 30 years, but remembered each other upon reuniting. Jenny said she was “so touched by that. It’s so brilliant. It goes back to how I think the harmonica playing elephant recognized us.” Ever since then, Jenny had always wanted to meet and touch an elephant. Read the full story


Roger Explores the World of Classic Cars

Roger dreamed of being a mechanic when he was a child, but several health concerns inhibited him from reaching his dream. Since he was unable to work with cars, Roger went to school and became a lecturer, author and story teller for many years. In addition to his very fulfilling and busy career path, Roger was also committed to taking his family on service trips to other countries. Roger always held on to his passion for cars and still holds that spark to this day. Read the full story

Jim Climbs Aboard a Submarine

When Jim was 8 years old he had a dream that he was aboard a submarine and fighting the Japanese in WWII. Ever since, James has been fascinated by the idea of going on a submarine. He has also loved all television and movies about submarines for as long as he can remember. James served in the Navy, but he was never able to go on a submarine. His Wish of a Lifetime was to finally find out what it is like to be on a submarine. Read the article


Jim Goes Hang Gliding

Jim Willis, age 87, a cancer survivor and great-grandfather of 20, is a Brookdale resident at Freedom Village at Bradenton in Florida. Over a decade ago, Jim had the opportunity to go hang gliding, but his flight was cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Ever since then, this thrill-seeking senior’s dream was to hang glide once and for all, so he could “float in the air like a bird.” Watch the video


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