Online Resource Guide for Activity Directors

Wellbeing Kit Overview

Wellbeing – Kits for the Mind, Body & Soul was designed to assist, inspire, and empower purposeful living and connection among your residents and their loved ones, particularly as we rediscover life post-pandemic and seek to re-engage with each other. Each kit includes a collection of specially curated items selected to inspire personal reflection, physical wellness, creativity, and connection with others.


Cultivate mindfulness and sharpen your memory using the 90-day Mindfulness Journal.


Strengthen your body with easy-to-use resistance bands and a pedometer to facilitate activity.


Unleash your creativity and nurture your soul with a Ceramic Mug & Paint-Set and Succulent Plant.


Discover Friendly Chats from Friendly Voice. Then, fill out the Share your Story form and postcards

Step by Step Instructions

You can maximize community engagements with just three simple steps:

STEP ONE: Distribute kits
  1. Familiarize yourself with the Wellbeing Kit items and how to best use them
  2. Deliver kits to community residents, taking time to review kit items with recipients
  3. Provide support to residents so they may take full advantage of each item
  4. Plan group activities around kit items to encourage community engagement
STEP TWO: Collect and submit "Share Your Story" forms
  1. Encourage residents to complete the Share Your Story form included in their Wellbeing Kit
  2. Collect and submit Share Your Story forms to Wish of a Lifetime by September 10th.
  3. Here’s how you can submit forms:
    By fax: 303-648-5626
    By email: @wishofalifetime.org
STEP THREE: Share the impact
  1. Capture photos, videos, quotes, and anecdotes that show the impact of Wellbeing Kits on your residents.
  2. Post these images and stories on your community’s social media pages and tag using @WishofaLifetime and/or use #WellbeingforOlderAdults
  3. Share your photos and videos with us by using this link (hyperlink), so we can share the impact with our network, sponsors, and donors.
  4. Complete this short survey [insert link to survey] to share your feedback with us

Group Activities

Mug Painting Workshop

Host a mug painting workshop with residents so that they can be inspired by each other’s creative expression. Create the workshop around a theme or keep it free form. Incorporate a “show and tell” to allow each participant to share their artwork. Once all of the mugs are painted and set, bring residents together to enjoy a cup of tea with their new mugs!

Resistance Band Workout Classes

Working out is always more fun together! Although the resistance bands can be used individually, you can also create some connection by planning a regular series of workout classes using the Wellbeing Kit resistance bands. Add a little music and you’ve got a workout party to build muscle and lift spirits!

Steps Challenge

Kits include a simple pedometer for daily activity tracking and step counting. Get the entire community engaged in a steps challenge and turn a solo activity into a group competition!  Residents can sign up to participate as individuals or as part of a team to compete with other residents for who can get the most steps in.  At the end of the challenge, recognize winners with a celebration or awards.

Community Garden

Turn a single succulent into a community garden! Invite residents to contribute their succulent to a shared space where all residents can enjoy the plants as they grow. This garden space can be indoors or outdoors, depending on your location. It can be as simple as collecting and arranging all of the succulents in one room where residents can relax or enjoy tending to the plants together.

Additional Resources

Looking for some additional ideas you can share with your residents to engage their minds, bodies, and souls and enjoy connection? We have pulled together some resources you can explore and share with your residents.

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