Wellbeing Kits

Frequently Asked Questions


Interested in learning more about Wellbeing Kits? Check out some frequently asked questions.

How did Wellbeing - Kits for Mind, Body, Soul & Connection get started?

During the pandemic, wish of a lifetime was unable to grant wishes for older adults due to social distancing and public health safety protocols Wellbeing Kits emerged as a way for Wish of a Lifetime to continue to provide support to older adults in residential communities who were experiencing even more social isolation as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. Now, as pandemic restrictions are easing and people are once again able to visit loved ones, the Wellbeing Kit program has evolved into an opportunity to provide older adults with carefully curated items for the mind, body, and soul to support reconnecting with their communities and families.

How do Wellbeing Kits support Wish of a Lifetime’s mission?

Combating the negative effects of social isolation among older adults is an important aspect of Wish of a Lifetime’s mission. Wellbeing Kits help us address isolation by providing residents in senior residential communities with items chosen specifically for them to add purpose, creativity and inspiration into their lives, support physical and mental wellbeing and foster connection. All of these elements help improve overall wellbeing and provide opportunities for older adults to meaningfully engage with themselves and others.

How does Wish of a Lifetime decide who receives a kit?

Wish of a Lifetime works with a growing nationwide network of senior residential living communities. If you are a representative of a senior residential community, you can learn more about how to get your community involved by emailing jared@wishofalifetime.org.

How can I send a Wellbeing Kit to an older adult in my life?

At this time, Wellbeing Kits are only being distributed in bulk to senior residential communities. We currently do not provide options for sending individual kits.

How can I support Wellbeing Kits?

Wellbeing Kits are made possible through the support of our generous sponsors and donors. If you are interested in making a financial contribution or in-kind gift you can learn more by contacting beth@wishofalifetime.org. If you are a representative of a community and want to find out about how your community can receive kits, contact jared@wishofalifetime.org.