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Eusebia Reunites with her Family in Peru

Eusebia Cordova, 86, was born and raised in Peru. She moved to the United States over 30 years ago to support her loving daughter in her journey to raise a family. Although she knew it was the best move for her daughter, it was difficult to leave her family behind in Peru. After immigrating to the United States, Eusebia volunteered to care for children in a daycare. Despite the fact that she has fulfilled many of her passions and helped her daughter and community, Eusebia has not been able to fulfill her Wish of visiting her family back home in Peru – until today.

Eusebia wishes to reconnect with her family whom she has not seen in over 30 years. This Wish will be the Wish of her lifetime. Eusebia’s daughter passed away due to a terminal illness in September 2015, and her son in Peru was just diagnosed with cancer. In such a time of grief and prayer, Eusebia views her Wish as a miracle. The opportunity to reconnect with her family and spend time with her son has Eusebia hopeful after years of feeling disconnected and disappointed. Eusebia and her family have been able to Facetime and connect using electronic mediums, but the memories that she will make with her family in Peru will last a lifetime. Eusebia’s Wish being fulfilled gives her joy and closure, as this may be the last time she is able to visit her family in Peru.

Wish of a Lifetime showed Eusebia that wishes and dreams do come true. Her grandson Gabriel will be accompanying her in her journey to Peru. Gabriel and Eusebia’s family in Peru hopes this Wish will inspire others to “love and do more for their elders- because after all, they are the ones that got us here in life”.

Photographs by Joanna Pantigoso Fotografía.

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February 12, 2016