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Wish of a Lifetime, from AARP

Help Love Grow

Creating connections today and every day

Changing the story of aging

We’re on a mission to help older Americans at risk for isolation strengthen social connections—and live more vibrant, purposeful lives.

Our volunteers help grant life-changing wishes, make meaningful connections within communities, and share inspiring stories that celebrate older adults for their knowledge and contributions.

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Valentine's Day Cards for Cupid Crew to be delivered to Older Americans

Sending love

Over the last nine years, our Cupid Crew volunteers have delivered cards and roses to help over half a million older adults feel loved and connected on Valentine’s Day.

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Celebrating older adults

We grant wishes to celebrate older adults for their wisdom, contributions, and sacrifices.

Like Lt. Col. Harvey, who was finally recognized with the 332nd Fighter Group for their 1949 “Top Gun” Win.

Become a champion for change with us.

Wish recipient Mary reunited with son and grandson on playground

Sharing stories that inspire

A wish fulfilled can change a life, but a story can change the world.

With each wish experience shared, we inspire people of all ages to live their best life. Like Helen, who overcame stage fright to sing a solo at age 82.

Wish of a Lifetime from AARP has granted over 2,500 life-changing wishes.