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Granting Wishes Changes Lives

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Why Wishes?

Wishes connect older adults to people, purpose, and passions to eliminate feelings of isolation and help them live vibrant, purposeful lives. A true Wish of a Lifetime achieved makes other goals seem possible, and encourages our Wish recipients to keep dreaming and pursuing their passions.

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Lasting Effects

Helping an older adult achieve a long-held or deeply meaningful dream can have tremendous positive outcomes on their health, purpose, and sense of value. Our Wish Recipients report that they are happier, healthier, and feel more involved in the world after having a Wish granted.

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Celebrating Lives

Wishes have a ripple effect on the community, inspiring individuals to start seeing older adults in a new light. One incredible life story at a time, we are changing the perception of aging—not just how we view our oldest citizens, but also how we see and value ourselves as we age.

There is no pill or treatment that I could prescribe to produce the positive health impact that Carol’s Wish provided for her.

Dr. Michael Wasserman, MD, Geriatric Medicine
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Why Granting Wishes Matters

America’s oldest citizens are interesting and inspiring people. They are our history, our teachers, and our wisdom keepers. Each of us knows a older adult who has impacted our lives for the better. However, many older adults feel isolated, alone and unimportant. As our older adult population explodes in the coming years, the problem of social isolation will too. LEARN MORE >

How a Wish Comes True

How a Wish Comes True - Nomination


Image of a man making notesWishes are submitted via our online application form. Anyone can submit a wish, and all applications are reviewed carefully by our wish team. Become a Wish Nominator by submitting an application for a deserving older adult in your community!

Nomination > Funding > Fulfillment > Share the Story

How a Wish Comes True

How a Wish Comes True - Funding


Illustration of money symbolThrough your generous donations, partnerships and volunteer-led fundraising efforts, we are able to grant Wishes for hundreds of deserving older adults across the United States each year. Every dollar makes a difference - learn more about how you can help make a dream come true.

Nomination > Funding > Fulfillment > Share the Story

How a Wish Comes True

How a Wish Comes True


Illustration of a wish box with star coming outWe have a team of experienced Wish-granters based in Denver who make our wishes happen all across the country! We enlist the help of businesses, organizations, nominators and volunteers in hundreds of communities to participate and make each Wish a truly special experience.

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How a Wish Comes True

How a Wish Comes True

Share the Story

Illustration of conversation bubbles and starsA Wish can change a life, but a story can change the world. We need your help to change the culture of aging and show people the value of our oldest generations. Find your favorite Wish Story and share it with your friends and network!

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