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Why it Matters

​Changing the story of aging

With each wish granted, older adults across the country are reconnected with the communities, passions, and people they love, helping them to live more vibrant and purposeful lives.

After their wish experience, over 90% of recipients reported increases in their quality of life and involvement in the world.

Aging is universal and should be celebrated. But negative views of aging leave older Americans isolated with fewer opportunities to connect with their communities, purpose, and passions in life.

Ken faces two fears with a flight to the ocean

“I feel this would make me fulfilled that I overcame two lifelong fears.”

Reflecting on his wish, Ken said he hoped his story could help others to do the same at any age. And to keep hope alive, even in challenging times: “Keep your nose to the grindstone,” he said. “Someday, something good will happen.”

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Pat operates a bulldozer

Pat’s lifelong dream of operating heavy machinery came true. “Right from the get-go, you have always made me feel like I mattered,” she said.

“I want everyone to know how much it meant to me… I never in my wildest dreams thought I would do this.”

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Shirley drives a racecar

“I’d like to set an example for my 12 grandkids that you should never let anyone keep you from chasing your dreams. My lifelong passion for cars culminated in this incredible experience.”

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