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Geneva Visits Sisters in the Carolina’s

Geneva, 74, loves her sisters dearly, but she has not been able to see them in seven years! Since Geneva feels this may be the last time they see each other, her wish of a lifetime was to visit her sisters in North and South Carolina. One of her sisters is homebound, and the other was recently hospitalized. Geneva wanted to spend some quality time with them while they are all still able to enjoy themselves.

Geneva volunteers her time delivering food to her community and working at a local food bank and church. She was a kindergarten teacher for 15 years. She lived in Spain in her 20’s. When Geneva moved to Denver, she modeled for a few years. She is now in the Denver Hall of Fame for one of the top ten best-dressed black women. Wish of a Lifetime sent Geneva to the Carolinas where she spent two weeks visiting historical sites and family. Geneva enjoyed the time with her sisters and valued seeing them!

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