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Nan and Roger Enjoy a Dinner Together for Roger’s 78th Birthday

Roger and Nan C. first met when they were in high school. Roger was one year older than Nan and was on the high school basketball team. The couple dated all throughout high school and then broke up when Roger went to college. Nan remembers wanting to date other people and get to know herself before she committed to a serious relationship. Unfortunately, Roger and Nan never got reunited and married other people.

Later in life, the couple found each other again and the love story was complete. Nan and Roger have been married for 37 years now and have led a very happy several decades together. Their love story is true and, as Roger’s health declines, Wish of a Lifetime is very excited to be able to honor their relationship through enhancing Roger’s birthday week. Wish of a Lifetime sent over a birthday flower basket which Nan and Roger cherished and had a fancy steak dinner delivered to celebrate Roger’s birthday. Nan and Roger enjoyed the steak dinner together and appreciated the professional photography that Wish of a Lifetime provided for a large family gathering that occurred during Roger’s birthday weekend, as well. Nan and Roger were, ‘so thankful’ and ‘enjoyed every second of a ‘special, exhausting and memorable birthday week’.

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