Char Bloom

Outdoor Adventurer/Entrepreneur

Adventure and the outdoors have always been a valued part of Char Bloom’s life. Her first job was on MGM’s ship the Bounty. As a flight attendant for Trans World Airlines, Char flew nearly seven million miles domestically and internationally. She has taught skiing/snowboarding for twenty years as well as fly fishing. Along with these endeavors, she feels blessed to share her life with her three amazing children.

Believing it is important to make a difference in the world and be of service to others, Char donates 100% of her teaching and guiding income to women’s shelters across America…specifically the Champa House which is supported by the Denver Rescue Mission. Now that her son has founded Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime, she is committed to fulfilling its mission of enriching the lives of low income older adults. This foundation was formed in honor of Jeremy’s living grandmother and Char’s mother, Donna Wheeler.

Currently on the Board of Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime, Keystone Citizen’s League, Snake River Water Board, Co-Director of the Keystone Beautification Project and member of Summit County Mentoring Program, Char is a committed conservationist who works diligently on the improvement of the environment and animal habitats.

She can frequently be found on the high mountain rivers rowing her drift boat with her two dogs Ranger and Doodlebug and maybe a friend or two.

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