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Our Founder

Meet our founder Jeremy Bloom

In 2008, Jeremy Bloom founded Wish of a Lifetime as a tribute to his beloved grandmother, Donna Wheeler. Jeremy’s grandparents played a significant role in his life – his grandmother Donna lived with them as he was growing up, and his grandfather Jerry taught him how to ski when he was three years old by throwing candy bars down the mountain slopes.

Later, as a member of the United States Ski Team, Jeremy had the opportunity to travel around the globe for ski competitions. While in Japan for one of his first World Cup competitions, he witnessed a small act of kindness that would stick with him forever. Jeremy was riding near the back of a very crowded bus when an elderly woman approached the doors. Just as he was wondering how the woman could stand in the packed bus, everyone in the front immediately rose from their seats, helped her aboard, bowed to her and made sure she was seated comfortably before the bus moved forward. At 17, Jeremy was struck by this commonplace demonstration of respect—something that he had rarely seen in the U.S.

For the next seven years, he witnessed countless other acts of kindness and respect for elders all across Europe and Asia. Jeremy founded Wish of a Lifetime in order to bring that same culture of respect to the United States.

I have been very fortunate in my own life to have had the ability and the resources to chase every dream that I have ever imagined, and I am honored to start an organization that will help others do the same.


Jeremy achieved success on the ski slopes as a two-time Olympian and eleven-time World Cup gold medalist, as an All-American Football player for the University of Colorado and later in the NFL, and most recently in the business world as the co-founder and CEO of Integrate. He founded Wish of a Lifetime on the premise that older adults should be respected, honored, and aided in our society.

In Living Honor of Donna Wheeler

Wish of a Lifetime was founded in living Honor of Donna Wheeler, Jeremy Bloom’s grandmother. Donna Wheeler was born October 16th, 1925 in Port Huron, Michigan. Her childhood was spent going to school and working hard on her father’s farm. As a young adult, Donna worked in the banking industry while raising her two daughters, Cheryl and Char. In 1977, Donna decided it was time for a change and moved to Colorado to live with her daughter Char and her husband.  She spent many years living with them and played an essential role in raising her grandchildren.

Donna’s contributions to the family were selfless and limitless. Outside of her vocational experience, Donna is a family woman. She has maintained incredibly close relationships with all of her grandchildren as well as her daughters. Words that come to mind to describe her are altruistic, kind, empathetic, caring, optimistic, selfless, trustworthy, wise and responsible. As an older woman, Donna represents the epitome of what Wish of a Lifetime stands for.

With all of my love, respect and gratitude,

Jordan Bloom

Donna Wheeler