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Cupid Crew Wish of a Lifetime from AARP

Spark hope and joy all year long

On Valentine’s Day, Cupid Crew volunteers delivered roses and cards to over 230,000 people. With your help, we can do more than just change someone’s day.

There are so many seniors who need your help to feel connected and loved on Valentine’s Day—and every day. Will you join us in giving this precious gift?

 Over 2,700 wishes granted

Our mission is not limited to Valentine’s Day! All year long, we grant life-changing wishes that empower older adults to age with hope and joy. Take a look at some of our favorite wish stories of love and connection.

Wish of a Lifetime helps family surprise Louvenia with reunion train ride

Louvenia reunites with family on the rails

Louvenia’s children surprise her with a train ride across Texas to spend time together and honor their late father.

multiple generations of women in Pauline's family gather around her

Pauline’s big surprise family reunion

Pauline’s memories bloom when multiple generations of her family gather to surprise her with a party.

Darlene and Matthew celebrate 40th Anniversary at Ritz Carlton hotel in style

Darlene & Matthew celebrate 40 years

Darlene and Matthew celebrate a milestone anniversary with a special night out at the Ritz Carlton.

Delivering a card, gifting a rose, or granting a wish may seem simple, but the effects are extraordinary.

Sisters and lifelong Yankees fans reunite at a baseball game

Alba & her sister get out to the ball game

These sisters and lifelong baseball fans reunite to do what they love most: root for the Yankees!

Loving couple in long distance relationship reunites after years living apart with help from Wish of a Lifetime

Victor reunites with his love of 33 years

After countless phone calls and love letters, Victor & Roberta joyfully reconnect in person again.

Mother and daughter reunited after 30 years apart with help from Wish of a Lifetime

Natasha reconnects with her mother

Natasha and her mother, Roslyn, happily get to know each other again after many years spent apart.

Together, we can help older adults fulfill their hopes and dreams while reconnecting with the people and passions that matter most.