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Director of Marketing and Communications

Kristen Prusky, MSW

Aging is one of the few universal aspects of what it means to be human. Kristen dreams of a world where we all openly embrace aging and elevate this stage of life so that we can all live our best lives.

After watching her hardworking grandparents become poverty-stricken during their “golden years,” Kristen has dedicated her life to advancing policies that empower older adults to live their best life. She has spent over fifteen years in the nonprofit world, driving change that empowers people to live their best life. Recently, Kristen was an AARP Communications Manager for federal and state legislative campaigns to ensure all Americans have the opportunity to build a secure financial future. This work included supporting the enactment of several landmark laws, such as the Affordable Care Act and State-Facilitated Retirement Savings Programs.

Now, Kristen dedicates her time to helping Wish of a Lifetime change how we age, one inspirational wish at a time. A wish fulfilled can change a life, but a story can change the world. With each wish story shared, Kristen inspires people of all ages to change how we see and value our own aging.

When Kristen’s not working to elevate these inspirational stories, she’s hard at work helping her children to find the magic all around them. You never know what you’ll stumble upon in her house, everything ranging from roller skating glow parties to weird science Wednesdays and even roaming the neighborhood in hero costumes.