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Celebrating Our Volunteers

Together, we’re changing the story of aging

Volunteer Spotlight

Our volunteers are incredible! They help grant life-changing wishes, make meaningful connections within communities, and share inspiring stories that celebrate older adults.

Want to join our fun and engaging team of champions for change? Learn more about our volunteers and volunteering opportunities below.

“Working with Wish of a Lifetime has given me a greater purpose when connecting with the elderly, who I believe are all part of the greatest generation. It is a blessing and honor to witness the pure joy in the eyes of a wish recipient who is so deserving of having a wish granted.”

— Christy, Pasadena, CA
Wish Granting volunteer

“I have nominated many older adults who have had life-changing experiences when their wishes were granted. I love helping a candidate through the application and vetting process, hearing stories, and seeing smiles and tears of joy during a wish.”

— Barb, Greenwood Village, CO
Wish Discovery volunteer

“Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and I’m here to help share the love with others who might walk by. It’s just a beautiful thing to do—I love the idea.”

— Helen, Silver Spring, MD
Wish recipient & Cupid Crew volunteer

“Cupid Crew was so much fun! I’m looking forward to many more volunteer opportunities with Wish of a Lifetime in the future. Helen Keller said, ‘Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.’ I’m grateful to be part of such a great group.”

— Jeri, Denver, CO
Wish recipient & Cupid Crew volunteer

“I had a great time delivering roses and cards during my first time volunteering with Wish of a Lifetime. It filled my heart with joy to put a smile on faces of others today!”

— Kathy, Rochester, NY
Cupid Crew volunteer

Our volunteers are champions for change!

Join our nationwide network

Get involved with Wish of a Lifetime through wish discovery

Wish Discovery

Help find and submit life-changing wishes in your community.

Lasting Effects

Wish Granting

Help make an older adult’s wish come true in your community.

Cupid Crew card recipient

Cupid Crew

Deliver roses and cards to older adults on Valentine’s Day.

Get involved with Wish of a Lifetime through community events

Community Events

Participate in local Wish of a Lifetime activities led by our Field team.