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Barbara’s Trip to The Biltmore Estate

Barbara T., age 75, a veteran and mother, is a true staple of resilience and spirit. Barbara spent 13 years serving in the Army in Germany as one of the first African-American women to serve. As a gas pumper, Barbara was on the front line of duty as potential threats would require gas.

Throughout her life, Barbara has endured multiple hardships but faced them head-on, always with a sense of selflessness and grace. She has a glass half-full perspective on all aspects of her life and radiates positivity to everyone she meets. Wish of a Lifetime was honored to send Barbara to commemorate her service at The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. What inspired Barbra most during her service in Germany was the city’s exquisite history and architecture. She was taken aback by the breathtaking historical landscapes and always felt discouraged that she never got the chance to explore the country.

Barbara loves photography, history and architecture and has always dreamed about visiting the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. To Barbara, it is a reminder of her time in Germany and an opportunity to learn about the history behind the beautiful estate. This past weekend, Barbara and her caretaker Wanda, traveled to The Biltmore and explored the Estate’s historic wineries and gardens. As they were leaving to return home, Barbara exclaimed, “Wow, I wish I could stay here forever!”

Photo credit: Katy Cook, Katy Cook Photography

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