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Benny Attends Tigers Game After Being a Lifelong Fan

Benny, 79, of La Palma, CA, is a die-hard Detroit Tigers baseball fan. Benny’s Wish of a Lifetime was to be on the field with the coaches and players of his beloved team during batting practice.

Benny served in the US Army for 18 months at a base in Germany as a radio operator, right after the Korean War. After his service, Benny led a successful career as an airspace technician while raising three children with his wife of 54 years. Nowadays, Benny dedicates a significant amount of time to improving the lives of teenagers through his volunteer efforts. He also published a book entitled Presidents Were Teenagers Too that encourages adolescents to never give up on their dreams.

On June 26th, 2013, Benny’s dream became a reality. The Tigers organization was generous enough to donate tickets and field passes for Benny and 3 family members for a home game versus the Anaheim Angels. Before the game, Benny, his wife, and two sons were escorted onto the field while the Tigers practiced batting and fielding. Benny said little over the hour he was on the field because he was letting his senses take it all in. It made him feel like the ten year old kid he once was who loved baseball so much. “I was truly living out a fantasy,” said Benny.

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