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Betty Dances her way to the Ellen Show

Betty Wilson, 83, loves to dance. At Brookdale Champions, her infectious dance moves inspire other older adult residents and community associates to dance with her. Betty is often seen dancing right alongside her favorite talk show host and fellow dance fanatic, Ellen DeGeneres. Priscilla Duran, manager of the memory care unit, said, “Sometimes I think the only person who has a love for music more than Betty Wilson is Ellen Degeneres. Maybe!”

You almost wouldn’t suspect that this upbeat woman is battling Dementia. For Betty, music is not just a hobby but a form of therapy. Priscilla said, “Dementia and Alzheimer’s robs my residents of so much but we see music change their life in the most positive way.”

In fact, Ellen has a history of helping Betty through tough times. Betty first began watching Ellen while caring for her daughter, Valerie, who was battling breast cancer at the time. Watching the show inspired Betty and Valerie to keep a positive outlook on the situation. Honoring that time with her daughter by attending a live show was Betty’s Wish of a Lifetime.

Wish of a Lifetime, Brookdale and It’s Never Too Late (IN2L) were happy to facilitate a fantastic day for this mother/daughter duo. Betty, Valerie, and Priscilla attended a live taping of their favorite show on April 12th.  The experience was absolutely incredible as Priscilla noted that Betty, “Danced her way through the airport, down the streets of Burbank, and then finally on the show itself.”

“Aging is a given. We are all going to age. Getting old is a choice,” said Priscilla “Betty lives each day of her life eager to be young and dance and encourage those around her to dance.”

Photos by Pixel Studio Productions

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