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Beverly has done it all; from volunteering in hospitals and working with the MS association, to helping with her children’s cheerleading squad and finding time to tend to her garden. This 85-year-old older adult describes herself as “never being bored”.

“I like to socialize with people and help anyone who needs help”, says Beverly.

If you think this energetic older adult couldn’t possibly have time for anything else on her plate, think again. Beverly’s number one priority has always been her family. She makes sure to form a special bond with each of her 5 children, 10 grandchildren, and 7 great-grandchildren- embracing every moment of the chaos!


Although most of her children live in different places across the United States, Beverly never misses an opportunity to connect in specials ways with each of her family members. Throughout her children and grandchildren’s life, the family would always get together for the Christmas holiday and go on family trips together, creating memories that Beverly would cherish dearly.

She feels incredibly lucky to continue to be a part of her family’s life and refuses to take any special moment for granted. Unfortunately, it is getting harder and harder for Beverly to see all her grandchildren and hates that her health is holding her back from connecting with those closest to her.

It’s hard not to see just how important family is to Beverly. That’s why when an employee from Brookdale Senior Living heard that one of Beverly’s granddaughters, Kristi, was soon to give birth to Beverly’s seventh great-grandchild, a family reunion was set to be in order.


On a cool day in late March, Beverly was able to travel to North Carolina to meet the newest member of the family, baby Zeb.

The family had a wonderful week together, and Beverly expressed the true ‘wonder’ that was experiencing this wish of a lifetime.