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Cindy, 72, is an aspiring author with a love for planes. Cindy has never lost her sense of curiosity, so when she inherited a box of memorabilia from her aunt, a pilot in the 1930’s, learning about female pilots became her passion. The contents of the “treasure chest” revealed that her aunt had been one of the first Jewish female pilots and lived an incredibly exciting life. Cindy later learned that her aunt and Amelia Earhart were not the only female pilots in the 30’s, and became curious about other female pilots during that time. Now she is a self-identified “Plane Nut” who has done extensive research and has over 3,000 pages of notes on the topic.

On her mission to bring female pilots out of the shadows, she has started a blog and is currently writing a historical fiction novel. She loves to use her platforms to honor her aunt’s legacy and the others who paved the way for other female pilots. Cindy’s Wish of a Lifetime was to go to the 99’s Museum of Women Pilots which is dedicated to the leaders she seeks to honor herself.

Cindy has always put other’s needs in her community and family first. Cindy served as a special education teacher in Chicago and is a dedicated mother to her three children. She has always had an interest in writing, but only had the chance to truly pursue her personal passion as she has grown older. Cindy’s positive attitude and determination inspire everyone around her to continue to explore new interests and pursue lifelong dreams.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were honored to send Cindy to the 99’s Museum of Women Pilots in Oklahoma City. Cindy was excited to see more artifacts of famous female pilots and dig around in the museum archives to make sure no stone was unturned as she collected research for her book. The museum has lifted up female trailblazers and Cindy wants to do the same and inspire the next generation of girls to “get into those technical STEM fields that they didn’t think were possible!”