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Date Night with George and Pearl

George, 91, enlisted in the Coast Guard during World War II. Studying to be a pharmacist, he was stationed in Manhattan Beach, where every so often the sailors would attend dances on Friday nights. One night, George was the on-duty pharmacist when a young girl approached him asking for some iodine for her friend who had fallen on the steps of the subway. George told her he wouldn’t be able to hand out medicine, but if she brought her friend along then he would be able to check her out. Her friend was 15-year-old Pearl. After George patched her up, he asked for her name and address for “patient contact information.” George and his friend worked together to write an “official letter” asking how the medical services were, and at the bottom George included two tickets for the next dance, asking Pearl to save a dance for him. She did, and soon after George was shipped off to the Pacific.

George and Pearl exchanged letters while he was away and and when he returned, the couple were married and have been together for 68 years since.

George and Pearl used to be a very active couple. The two of them would both play tennis, go skiing and enjoyed going out to the theater with friends and getting Chinese food afterwards. The couple’s Wish was to relive one of these date nights.

With the help of Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living, George and Pearl’s Wish came true. The couple enjoyed a show at the Kravis Center followed by dinner at their favorite Chinese restaurant. They were accompanied by their daughter and granddaughter.

Photos provided by Palm Beach Photography.

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