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Debbi Visits the Ocean with her Daughter

Debbi, age 66, of Burnsville, MN has proved over and over again her resilience. When Debbi was in college, she did a mission trip in Ecuador “with an earnest desire to help the quality of their lives.” As a missionary, she helped with the city’s radio and TV ministry and she also helped build an airstrip in a remote village.

Unfortunately, during the trip, she contracted a rare illness that still affects her life today. As a result, Debbi was unable to fulfill many of her dreams. “The biggest dream is to go see the ocean,” said Debbi, “Minnesota is the land of the lakes, but it’s not the ocean. It’s been over 25 years since I got to see the beauty of the ocean. It gives me a peaceful feeling and takes away my worries… My health has declined greatly, but my desire to go back to the ocean has risen greatly.”

Inspired by Debbi’s resilience and optimism, Wish of a Lifetime sent Debbi with her daughter, Jenn, to southern California to fulfill her long-time dream come. “It was truly a magnificent trip as we saw the beautiful and majestic ocean,” said Debbi, “Jenni has always been there for me throughout her life so it was wonderful experiencing this with her. What a Wish of a Lifetime… We made memories that will last forever… Seeing the ocean one last time was absolutely magical!”

Photos courtesy of Debbi and Jenni

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