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Donald’s Day Seeing the Spurs With His Daughter

Donald, 88, from Brookdale San Marcos North in Texas has always been a fan of sports, participating in fishing, boating, hunting, baseball, and so much more. Throughout his life though, one team has held his un-breaking devotion – the San Antonio Spurs. He was a resident of San Antonio for almost sixty years. If you walk into Donald’s room at his Brookdale Community you are sure to see Spurs memorabilia, including a wreath on the door welcoming everyone who enters, a Spurs coffee cup, Spurs candy dish, Spurs blanket and of course Spurs clothing. Donald and his wife never missed a game on television and watching the Spurs has been a life-long joy of his. He also attended a few games in person but trying to save for more family-centric matters, preferred to watch them on television.


Donald was always an active participant in his community and continues to be in his Brookdale Community as well. Donald served the United States Army for two years. In addition, he was especially involved in his church where he acted as the President of their Wild Game Dinner for many years, and participated in the St. Luke’s men’s club. Outside of his church but still in his community, Donald also coached youth baseball and was the team leader on several Habitat for Humanity home projects.


Overcoming the passing of his wife has been very difficult for Donald, especially as he has been experiencing early stages of Alzheimer’s and moving into memory care. He has been saddened by the distance that now separates him from his former community and his once beloved past-times. Given that he enjoyed so many games with his wife, attending a Spurs game would be a way to reconnect with her memory and to that precious part of his past.


Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were thrilled to grant Donald’s wish of seeing a Spurs game on November 11, 2017. Getting to experience a Spurs game brought Donald much joy and excitement. The Spurs were excited to present Donald with a special dinner and swag bags upon his arrival at the arena. Nancy, Donald’s daughter, said Donald “was super excited all day and kept checking his watch. On the way [to our seats] Camille (the Spurs representative) showed us some of their art and paintings of the team. It’s amazing how dad doesn’t remember eating only 30 minutes earlier sometimes, but he knows the players so well in such detail. Thank you for a lovely memory for my father and for me with my father.”


Photo credit: May Carlson, May Carlson Fine Art Photography


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November 11, 2017