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Dore Flies Once More in a B-24

Dore S., 93, of the Sterling House of Peoria, is a decorated Army Air Force veteran. He flew 35 missions in a B-24 bomber during WWII. He was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross and an Oak Leaf Cluster, along with an Air Medal with three clusters and a Certificate of Valor. He retired as 1st Lieutenant.

Dore was married to his wife, Jerry, for 67 years and had two daughters. He grew up in a family with 8 boys and took great pride in the fact that 7 of them went to war and they all survived and returned. Dore’s love for his family is only paralleled by his love for flying. He even named his plane after one of his daughters, who was born while he was overseas. Dore has suffered greatly at the recent loss of his brothers and his wife.

If there was one thing to lift his spirits, it had to be a ride in a B-24 plane, just like the one he used to fly. He has always been too humble to ask for anyone to take him up in one, despite being incredibly deserving of this lift. On July 6, 2012, Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living sent Dore up in a plane once again! Dore smiled the whole time, soaking it all in. He got to ride with two other WWII veterans and his great grandsons. The boys loved the experience as much as Dore and it is one they will remember forever.

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