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Eleanor Dew did it.  She reached THE milestone.  She achieved that extraordinary feat.  She discovered the secret. Eleanor Dew turned 100 years old and proved that a full life fuels the soul far beyond the expected.  

On a sunny, Saturday afternoon, Eleanor celebrated her birthday in Marquis Tualatin, surrounded by 20 members of her family who brought along a very special guest – Eleanor’s great-granddaughter, Sophia.  Though Eleanor has enjoyed watching her grandchildren and great-grand children grow up, she had yet to have the opportunity to meet 3-year old Sophia.

Wish of a Lifetime and The Vital Life Foundation were thrilled to facilitate this connection to commemorate a very special occassion.  Not only did Eleanor get to meet her beloved great-granddaughter for the first time, but she also got to visit with another granddaughter – Susanna, whom she had not seen in over 5 years.

“Sophia is darling and charming and she was dressed so sweet!” Eleanor gushed, “I thought isn’t this the sweetest little girl you ever want to see?”

Recently, Eleanor was able to move into an assisted living facility.  In her new home, Eleanor has enjoyed getting to know her neighbors, and the community has embraced her wholeheartedly, encouraging her to participate in activities and make new friends.

Angela, the Activities Director at Marquis Tualatin, said, “{Eleanor} volunteers her support and encouragement to others at the community. She is a ray of sunshine. She brings life to the building and everyone she meets.”

Eleanor spent her life sharing her positive spirit with those around her.  Eleanor was a homemaker, an artist, a teacher and a devoted wife to a husband of more than 50 years.  She worked in her community to give back to local schools by teaching and assisting with cooking classes.  Eleanor always worked to share everyday joys with those around her. Her children say Eleanor continues to age gracefully and that her example of daily gratitude inspired them as children and as adults.

Eleanor thoroughly enjoyed visiting with her family and meeting Sophia at the birthday celebration.  Her granddaughter, Susanna said, “We are so grateful to you and the Wish of a Lifetime organization. Everything was wonderful, and the celebration brought so many generations together. It was a truly joyful occasion!”  

Some may wonder what the secret is.  How do we find fulfillment at the end of a long life?  And, Eleanor’s story gives us one answer. Though we may be separated by time and distance, it is never too late to reconnect with our families and find joy in the blessing of being together.