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Ninety-nine-year-old Eleanor is a vibrant light of generosity, kindness and compassion to all who know her, including those in her older adult living community. She is constantly taking it upon herself to provide company to disengaged residents, seeking opportunities to care for others and extending a helping hand to those who need it. She embodies what it means to not let age define your spirit. Eleanor’s contagious enthusiasm and character reflect her perseverance and how she has never let her circumstances define her. 

Three and a half years ago, Eleanor faced the tremendous loss of her husband. They first met as teenagers and were married 73 years – sharing a lifetime of experiences and memories. In December of 2018, Eleanor experienced a terrible fall that left her with a broken hip and the need to begin using a wheelchair for mobility. It was not too long after that when she experienced some significant heart problems that left those closest to her wondering if she would recover. Being a resilient individual with an unwavering zest for life, she pulled through. Throughout these adversities, Eleanor has continued to be a supportive mother, grandmother, and friend.

In addition to supporting her family and being a light to those she encounters, Eleanor holds a great passion for music. From a young age, Eleanor found peace and joy from music. She always enjoyed singing, dancing, and filling her home with echoes of beautiful melodies. While many artists have soared through her stereo speakers, none make her feel quite the same as when she listens to Chris Botti. Botti is an award-winning musician known for his melodic trumpeting and composing. While she has long wished to hear his exceptional music in person, it has never worked out for her. As such, it has become her greatest wish to see him perform. 

Wish of a Lifetime was thrilled to send Eleanor and her family to see Chris Botti in concert on March 12th, 2019 at the Kravis Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. This was the ultimate early 100th birthday celebration for Eleanor, honoring her love for Chris Botti’s music – simultaneously reconnecting her with the time in her life when sharing that love of music with her family was a daily occurrence she treasured. 

The experience was truly a Wish of a Lifetime. Prior to the concert, Eleanor had the opportunity to meet Chris Botti and share in a sweet exchange with him before settling in her seat. Eleanor was so surprised and excited to meet her musical idol, but nothing could have prepared her for when the singer accompanying him dedicated one of their songs to her during the show! From meeting Botti, to the song dedication, to enjoying the sweet melodies filling her ears alongside her family, Eleanor said, “I have lived my nearly 100 years – this is the pinnacle of them all.”