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Floyd Reunites with his Sister

Floyd is an energetic 82 year old from Wausau, WI. His Wish of a Lifetime was to visit his sister Dorris at her nursing home in Lexington, SC.

Floyd and Dorris developed a long lasting brother-sister relationship at an early age. When Floyd was just a baby, the family’s cat climbed into Floyd’s crib and laid down on top of Floyd, covering his mouth and nose. Dorris rushed in and removed the cat from her younger brother’s face thus saving him from being suffocated to death. Floyd speaks with Dorris regularly on the phone to check in with her, but hasn’t had the opportunity to see her in over 6 years. With Dorris’s health declining, Floyd realized this may be his last trip to visit his beloved sister.

On August 26th 2011, Floyd and his daughter Shelly surprised Dorris at her nursing home in Lexington, SC. Before entering her room, Floyd called Dorris on the phone to chat and to tell her how much he wished her could come visit. After he hung up the phone – he walked into Dorris’s room and was greeted by an enormous smile on Dorris’s face. The two shared 2 days together enjoying each other’s company and reminiscing about days of old.

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August 26, 2011