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Frank, 89, was born the same year as Mickey Mouse! Frank remembers the first time he saw Mickey Mouse in his first appearance in Steamboat Willy. From there, Frank made a lifelong friend. After living a difficult childhood with an alcoholic father, Frank said, “Mickey Mouse gave me something joyful in my life. I watched him grow up. I carried him on my shoulder all my life.” Frank also had a passion for drawing and sketching throughout his life, and enjoyed drawing his favorite mouse among other people. Frank describes Mickey as “happy go lucky” and said, “That is how I try to be. They call me the Mickey Mouse man!” Today, Frank has Mickey Mouse decals all over his bedroom walls, Mickey Mouse clothing and even a Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shaker! Despite all of his fun memorabilia, Frank never had the opportunity to meet Mickey Mouse.

When Frank wasn’t busy drawing and sketching, he could be found serving his country. Frank served in the National Guard for nine years, saying, “I missed Korea by one step. I was in Indiana when the war in Korea broke off. We were ready to go, but the door was closed.” Instead of going to Korea, Frank served stateside as a Sergeant First Class and his duties included building bridges and protecting construction projects.

Mickey Mouse has remained a constant companion throughout Frank’s life, especially when others have not. Frank looks to Mickey for hope and joy, and always wished he could meet his lifelong friend. Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited to send Frank and his daughter, Lorrie, to Anaheim, California from May 10th-14th, 2018. On May 11th, Frank finally had the opportunity to meet Mickey at the Paradise Pier Hotel’s Surf’s Up Breakfast with Mickey and Friends! Lorrie said, “Dad woke up the morning of the breakfast thinking how could all of these nice things be happening to him by people who don’t even know him. My brother explained that there are still wonderful, kind people in this world.” Frank had a blast meeting Mickey Mouse! Lorrie said, “Frank was given the VIP treatment! Mickey actually presented him with his very own Mickey Mouse ears. He was so tickled. Even though my dad is not one for smiling in pics, he was smiling from the inside out.”