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Ninety-five-year-old Frank served in the army during WWII. Frank’s family were farmers, and when Frank’s older brother was drafted to fight in WWII, Frank contacted the drafting board and asked if he could take his brother’s place. Frank knew that the farm needed his brother, so he bravely sacrificed himself for the benefit of his family. Once Frank was drafted, he did not see his family until the war ended, three years later. 

During WWII, the Queen Mary was used as a transport ship. During his service, Frank boarded the Queen Mary to Casa Blanca, Africa and then moved up to Italy and France. Once the war ended, Frank was shipped home on the Queen Mary. Frank said, “I would love to see it again, but without the war. It would bring back a lot of memories of deep emotions and quality time. I made a lot of friends there.” 

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living were excited to send Frank and his daughter, Diana, to stay on the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California from January 6th-9th of 2019. Frank exclaimed, “I remembered the ship from when I came back!” He went on to say, “It brought back memories. It was good to make memories with family on there and bring them back. When we would speak to people they would all say, ‘Oh you must be Frank.’ We met a bunch of different people and made lots of good memories.”


Photos courtesy of James Korin Photography.