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Harold Visits his Siblings for the First Time in 25 Years

Harold, of Lakewood, CO, wanted nothing more than to get back to Winterset, IA, to visit with his brothers and sisters one last time. Harold is the oldest of 6 siblings who all grew up on their family’s farm in Winterset, IA. After serving in the Army during WWII, Harold and his wife moved to Colorado in 1959 and rarely went back to Iowa. Having gone 25+ years without seeing his brothers and sisters, Harold knew that time was running out on making the trip back to his home town to see them.

On June 13th Wish of a Lifetime flew Harold out to Winterset, IA where he got to catch up and reminisce with his brothers Lee and Clarence and sisters Donna and Wanda. With the 5 remaining Emersons together again the room was filled with laughter and stories from their past. This amazing veteran had his Wish of a Lifetime come true.

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