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Helen Rides a Motorcycle Again

Helen, 80, of Brookdale Gaines Ranch, has a passion for motorcycles. She was 16 or 17 the first time she rode with her brother. It’s been many years, but Helen has never forgotten the feeling of immense freedom of that first ride. Helen was a self-described tomboy and very close with her brother. Their shared love of motorcycles further deepened their bond. Together they rode all over the East Coast with a motorcycle club. Helen loved their time riding with the club and being one of the few women who rode motorcycles in the 1950s. Unfortunately, life just got in the way and it came time for Helen to settle down. Her brother died many years ago and she hasn’t been on a motorcycle in a long time. Helen’s Wish was to relive her motorcycle days and ride on a motorcycle again.

Helen always put her family first. She volunteered for countless positions to be closer to her children. For example, she drove their school bus, coached softball, and lead scouts. Once her kids were older, Helen went to work as a nurse. She dedicated much of her time and energy to the care of her patients. Helen also cared for her husband after he was diagnosed with dementia. She ultimately ended up in the hospital for exhaustion because she was working so hard to take of him that she did not have time for herself.

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living, Helen got to relive her motorcycle days and reconnect with her late brother’s memory. Helen was able to ride on a motorcycle with the South Austin Riders Group. Group organizers Gene and Alan drove Helen and her best friend Kap Hui with 10 members following along. The group stopped at Milagro’s Hill County Tex Mex for lunch. Then they all rode back to the community and celebrated. A huge thank you to Jimmy Small of JSmall Photography for capturing the event and South Austin Riders Group for participating!

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