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Jane Experiences a 3D Printer For First Time

Jane, 90, has always been a lifelong learner. Throughout her life, Jane was very active in education in all aspects. Jane has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, a Master’s degree in counseling, and a PhD in higher education. Jane worked very hard to lead a full and exciting career while raising her son on her own. Jane served in leadership positions in her son’s kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school. After retiring from being a counselor and a librarian, Jane began to volunteer her time with the Ronald McDonald house and as an ombudsman with a local hospital. Jane’s selfless desire to help others continued as she played an active role at her Brookdale community.

Jane has been an asset to coworkers, friends and family for so many years, and Wish of a Lifetime was so lucky to honor this incredibly special person in a unique way. Jane’s thirst for knowledge has led her to ask many questions as she has aged and truly exemplifies the “learn something new everyday” mentality. One of the most pressing questions has been, ‘how does a 3-D printer work?’ Jane wished to learn more about something that she never thought would be created in her lifetime. Jane has been reading about the 3-D printer for many years and has many questions that she wished to explore.

Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale were so thrilled to grant Jane’s wish and send her to Tangible Labs in St. Petersburg, Florida on October 13th. Jane, her family, and her friends spent an hour and a half learning about 3-D printing. The group each received a small gift, and Jane received a variety of printed goods that are now in her room proudly displayed! Jane was so excited to learn all that she took from this ‘lovely day’ and looks forward to taking this knowledge and continuing to dive deeper into this learning opportunity. She said, “Having been in education, it pleases me [to see] all the opportunities that we are afforded to learn. This was tremendous; it just hit the spot.” Wish of a Lifetime was incredibly proud to grant Jane’s wish and her thriving spirit for knowledge and education.

Photography by: Linda Stansberry



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