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Joann and Carl get a Taste of the Big Apple

Joann, 82, and Carl, 83, from Centennial, CO, both have lived quite an admirable life. They raised 9 children in Texas and lived in a racially segregated neighborhood. Being the only white family in their neighborhood made it tough on their family, but while attempting to create racial harmony, they were able to make it through.

Before they lived in Texas, Carl served in the Air Force during the Korean War being an aircraft mechanic. He was then hired by Lockheed and worked at NASA in Houston for most of his career, during the exciting space era in the 60’s. Both Carl and Joann volunteer a lot of their time at the church, nursing homes, elementary schools, and, of course, to their large family! They rarely take time for themselves as they always put others before them. After almost 60 years of marriage, they are still together and enjoy the simplest things in life together.

The Dreher’s Wish of a Lifetime was to Visit NYC to see their grandson, John, and good friend, Kenny. While in New York, they paid respect to the Freedom Tour dedicated to The World Trade Towers. They are both deeply patriotic and they felt complete knowing they visited a historical marker in America. It had also been a dream of theirs to see a New York Broadway show which they were able to do. Wish of a Lifetime was so thrilled to have sent two amazing older adults to NYC on September 12, 2013. Their daughter, Eileen, came along for the journey helping and escorting them on their wish.

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