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Joe and Gary Attend a Denver Broncos Game

Joe, 97, and Gary, 71, are very good friends who have strong ties with the Denver Broncos. Both lived in Denver when the Broncos first started in the 1960s and have been avid fans ever since. Joe and Garys’ Wish of a Lifetime was to attend a Denver Broncos game once again.

Joe and Gary met two years ago when they lived in the same older adult community. The two bonded quickly over their many similarities. They both enjoy fishing, doing penny slots at Blackhawk, going to church, and singing tenor in the choir. Both served in the military—Joe in the Navy during WWII and Gary in the Army in the Dominican Republic during the Fidel Castro era. They also both have two daughters and six granddaughters. Since Joe has only daughters, Gary is like a son to him. Of all the things they enjoy doing together, one of their favorite activities is watching Denver Broncos games. To Joe and Gary, the Broncos and their fans are what makes Colorado “feel like home.”

Thanks to Wish of a Lifetime and Brookdale Senior Living, Joe and Gary enjoyed a Denver Broncos game right from the 45-yard line. “We felt the electricity the moment we got in the stadium,” said Gary. “It was a beautiful day and just so overwhelming. There was complete cooperation from the state of Colorado. The fans were so good. It meant more to me than the game. . . It was one of those atmospheres that I didn’t think I’d get to experience again. It would be Joe’s last time to go and I was happy to be there.”

Photos courtesy of the Denver Broncos

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