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Joy Visits Hershey’s Chocolate World

Joy Smith, 79, is extraordinarily resilient. She and her siblings grew up in a children’s home after they were separated from their parents and while her childhood was difficult, she considers her upbringing to have been a “blessing.” Joy views the children’s home as something that gave her life stability and provided her the tools to be successful. Despite her rough start in life, Joy has held onto that sense of stability and thrived in adulthood.

Joy didn’t get to fulfill many wishes when she was younger, but never relinquished the belief that her wishes would come true. She held on to her dreams, and continued to create new ones. Years ago, while driving with her husband past Hershey, Pennsylvania, Joy was struck by how beautiful the town was. She found herself drawn to the town itself, and especially to the Hershey’s Chocolate World attraction based there. Ever since, she has yearned to visit. But given how busy her life was, she never had the time or opportunity to travel much for pleasure.

In her early twenties, Joy became a caretaker for the elderly. She worked very hard to support her clients and serve them to the best of her ability, often tending to multiple clients at a time. At home, she was raising seven children. And even though she had a big family to take care of, she still chose to foster several children throughout her life.

Joy’s giving spirit is exemplified by the way she lives her life. Her dedication to her work and family is to be admired, and deserves to be celebrated. Wish of a Lifetime was happy to recognize Joy, and help fulfill her longtime dream. On November 15, Joy visited Hershey, Pennsylvania with her daughter Pamela. They were able to tour Hershey’s Chocolate World and also go on a tour of the town. She even got to make her own customized chocolate bar!

Photos courtesy of Hershey Chocolate World Attraction staff

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